I was walking toward the exit when I saw him.

He was seated in a waiting area. He wore cargo shorts and flip flops and his legs were crossed. His hair was verging on an afro and his black beard was bushy and unkempt.

Immediately, I knew I could take him.

I stopped with about 10 feet between us. I squared up directly in front him and waited for him to look up at me. Finally, he noticed me.

That’s all I did for a second or two — I looked right at him. And he looked back at me. I pointed my finger and jabbed it directly at him. With authority.

He was with a girl. I don’t know if it was a friend of his, a girlfriend, his wife or an acquaintance. But she chuckled knowingly. She got it … he didn’t. You could tell. Nothing registered on his face, despite the giggles coming from the girl.

I walked out the door after out “meeting” … my head raised a little higher. I knew. I was still confident I could take him.

He had on a Batman T-shirt.

Mine was emblazoned with the Kryptonian symbol for “hope” …


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