I Should Be Tossed In Jail

Dear County of El Dorado:

Know what I did today?

I thumbed my nose at you. Twice. And I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t literally two individual thumbs that got thumbed at you. No … it was two cars.

Two hand washed cars. Hand washed by yours truly.

Yes, I realize the county is in a drought situation currently. But it’s not like I was actively disobeying the law or being negligent of my water usage.

I know you’ve stated we need to conserve water, but I conserve already … and have been for years and years, even when weren’t in the throes of a water shortage.

Besides, my total water usage accounted for the equivalent of a 10 minute shower to wash both vehicles.

Who else can you say does that? That’s what I thought … no one.

I ever-so-briefly spritzed the vehicles wet and then hosed them off quickly after soaping them down. << Voila! >> I not only made quick work of washing the transports but – in so doing by hand – was more efficient than taking them to a car wash. And! I got plenty of exercise to boot.

I know, I know … you’ll be watching me now. I fully expected that. Given my “flagrant” use of precious water, I expected nothing less.

But the way I see it, when the county’s facilities cease and desist watering in 90 degree temperatures in the middle of the afternoon … when your sprinkler systems are looked over with a fine toothed comb to prevent the criminal leaks I see day in and day out … when I see runoff at various county buildings doing nothing but moving along the main street’s gutters on a useless journey to the sewers … when I see demonstrative, ethical and intelligent usage of water from you, El Dorado County, then and only then I might consider backing off my once-every-other-month vehicle washing.


In the mean time? Suck it, El Dorado County.

Because I am cognizant of the water I use. You are not


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