I was at an Arco station getting gas and coffee to go. I had my trusty mobile coffee mug in tow ready to be filled up. I ventured toward the building.

Beating me to the door was a police officer, a big and tall drink of water. He had to have topped 6’4″ easily. He didn’t scare me.

policebadgeI zipped past him as he eyed the donut rack (Really!) and I creamed and coffeed (yeah, that’s right … you put the cream in first so you don’t have to stir the coffee — doesn’t everyone do this?) and made my way to the registers. The officer got in line directly behind me.

As my turn came, I turned slightly and thumbed at the officer behind me. “Ring up his stuff, too, if you please,” I told the cashier.

“No. Don’t do that. Thanks … I appreciate it but that’s okay.” He stumbled over his words in an attempt to get them out before the cashier had the chance to ring up his items.

“No, you don’t appreciate it,” I countered as I turned toward him full face and looked him in the eye. “If you appreciated it you would let me get your stuff,” I told him, a little smirk forming at my lips. I turned back to the cashier and shrugged in concession.

The officer did catch my look but he was firm on the point: “I have a job,” he explained.

“Of course you do. Are you implying I do not?” I asked him accusatorily.

I looked at him once more and we both smiled at each other.

I made my way through the store and out the door. Hopping off the sidewalk, I heard a booming call: “Have a good day!” came at me from the back of my front. Of course it was the officer.

“You do same,” I replied.


One thought on “Conversation

  1. Clark Brooks says:

    Ha! You’re lucky you didn’t get tazed!

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